What is House Account Tab?

Create and manage House/Tab/Member accounts with ease.  HAT allows you to create an unlimited amount of Main and Sub accounts that are organized for easy assignment and invoicing.

If you have a ticket to be paid at a later date and want to account for that, just choose the tender type “House Account” and pick the account associated with the ticket.  It will show as paid in your Clover reporting but will increase the balance amount in the HAT ledger.

Clover is great but what if you have members, clients, companies that pay monthly or on terms?  HAT allows you to easily add to the balance of an account and collect the payment for those accounts at some point in the future.  We can even create the invoice report for you that will show all your accounts and sub accounts and their balances.  You can drill into those accounts and see each transaction that affected the balance.

Full reporting for each main account and all of the sub accounts associated with the main.  Please note that transactions that use the HAT app will show as completed sales in the basic Clover reporting.  We provide supplemental reporting for your sales and tax reconciliation.

Great for businesses with members that pay their bill on a monthly basis, companies that rent or sell equipment that pay later via invoice, bars that have extensive tabs to settle and many other businesses that need the flexibility of keeping main/sub account reporting.

If you have any ideas for your POS system, we will be happy to bring your ideas to life. Feel free to contact us at clover@icodice.com.


If it’s your first time using the HAT app, you will have to create an account. Your Clover account will not work with the HAT app.

  • If you already have an existing account please login using your username and password.
  • If you don’t have an account, please create an account by tapping the ‘Create an Account’ button.


Tap one or more of your accounts to quickly select which accounts you would like to view or create reports for.

View Reports

Once you have selected the accounts you want to create a report for, simply tap the Transactions button, select a date range and tap View Report.

Pay Balance

You can also pay the full (or partial) balance for any account that you have selected. If a payment is made beyond the current balance, the excess cost will act as a deposit for any future purchases applied to that account.

Include an invoice number to more easily track the transaction.

Get Detailed Info About Each Purchase

Here on the Reports page, you can see all purchases from every account you selected to view a report for.

Individual Purchase Information

Once you tap on the purchase you would like to see more details for, you’ll be taken to a screen similar to this one where you can view all the details of that individual purchase.

Easily Edit or Delete Accounts

Swipe left on any of your accounts to easily edit, or delete, that individual account.

Easily Edit or Delete Accounts

Quickly view and edit any account information.

Online Settings

Change your Custom Field names whenever you like on the the HAT online dashboard. Simply login and head to the settings tab.


Quickly view our support contact information simply by tapping the HAT logo.

Add Purchases to Account Tabs

Easily add any purchase to the tab of any of your accounts with the purchase order number for easy organization.


  What does the HAT Activity Report mean?

The Hat Activity Report is a summary of all the transactions that were “paid” through the HAT system. It is made up of four sections:

  • Starting Balance – The remaining balance from before the selected Start Date of the report
  • Purchases – All purchases that were put on Tabs during the selected period. (This is the amount due by customers)
  • Payments – All of the tabs that have been paid during the selected period. (This is actual revenue paid by customers)
  • Ending Balance – This is the outstanding balance at the end of the selected period. (How much still owed by customers)

Each section is made up of 3 basic elements:

  • Total – Total amount of sales (Revenue + Tax)
  • Revenue – Total amount of revenue (Sales after taxes)
  • Tax – Total amount of taxes (Amount due for taxes)
  How do I use my report with the Clover Report?

The report that is automatically generated by the Clover system counts all of the transactions paid through the HAT system as “paid” and assumes it as “revenue”. THIS IS NOT CORRECT.

To get the correct numbers, you will need to consolidate the Clover report with the HAT activity report. To do so, please replicate the following steps:

  1. Generate a HAT activity report for the same time period as your Clover report.
  2. Deduct the Purchases from the Clover Report
  3. Add the Payments to the Clover Report
  4. Your report should now be consolidated

Example (all numbers are simplified and imaginary for example purposes):

Clover Report:
Total: $1000
Revenue: $920
Tax: $80

HAT Report:
Total: $350
Revenue: $325
Tax: $25
Total: $280

How to Calculate:
Total: $1000 – $350 + $280 = $930
Revenue: $920 – $325 + $270 = $865
Tax: $80 – $25 + $20 = $75

There you go, you have successfully consolidated your books!

If you upgrade from the Lite version of HAT, we can save you time and automatically do these calculations for you!

  How to charge house account tab
  1. From register select House Account app from payment type
  2. Search for your customers house account
  3. Tap on account  to view customer account page
  4. Select main account or sub account
  5. Tap the “Add to Tab”  to complete the transaction
  How to receive payment on house account
  1. Open HAT app
  2. Tap on  account to view customer account page
  3. Select main or sub account
  4. Tap on Pay Balance
  5. Confirm to complete transaction.
  What is on the customer Account Page
  • Total balance is  sum of Main account and sub accounts
  • You can select 1 or multiple accounts for Reports or Payments
  • Each Account balance can be seen  below their names
  Receive Payments
  • There are no partial payments allowed.
  •  You can pay multiple sub accounts.
  Pro vs Light version

Pro version has following new features
1.  Spending Limit
2.  Security Pass code
3.  Invoicing from web.

Also we can build custom solutions to integrate with your accounting system with discounted rate.